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2018 Military International Drone Racing Tournament

Coverage of the Inaugural MIDRT – Essentially a Drone Racing Tournament for the Armed forces, which included Army, Navy, Airforce and Defence Contractors from all over the world. We were invited as guests of the Australian Army. If there is one video of BMSweb you choose to share on social media this is the one! I say this because this is the Armed Forces essentially giving the Hobby/Sport we love, their stamp of approval and basically telling the world how positive they think Drone Racing is. The event was run by FPVR and featured Joe Scully as the race director/announcer 😜 I’ve got a ton of videos to catch up on, but I honestly think this is by far the most positive video for the hobby and the people involved in our community. Lets hope for an even bigger Military Event in 2019! A massive congratulations goes out to Keirin and the Australian Army for doing such an amazing job. This was no small undertaking, I can’t imagine how much work must have gone into selling the idea of a military drone race, through to the Venue and then convincing CASA to allow them to run a drone race so close to a major International Airport. In the Demo on this video, Thomas was running an Xbee MCK Hybrid with FlightOne FC and ESC. Crossfire – – – – – – – – Xbee MCK: FlightOne FPV Camera Props Motors Batteries Kero 4S 1600 mah Pack (Fully Max) LaforgeFPV Mission Foods – Racing Fuel MIDRT Facebook Page Music Like us on our FaceBook Page & Twitter

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